Real Estate Developments

The process behind developing real estate is meticulous, but we at Nine tails have perfected our knowledge and craftsmanship in this arena. In the pre-development phase, we take great  care in acquiring and assessing properties prior to construction. All administrative and legal work is carried out quickly and efficiently through our streamlined process, and all approvals and permits are obtained skillfully. During the construction phase, we not only focus on building the properties but simultaneously exert efforts towards marketing the developments to potential buyers/leasers. Pre-lease agreements are often compiled at this point, securing leasing details before build completion. In this way, we tactfully prepare all pieces in advance for the final phase, which consists of monetizing the properties. It is in this last phase where the properties are acquired by investors and revenue is generated. Regardless of whether you are a developer seeking collaboration on a new build or an investor seeking high profit investment opportunities in real estate, rest assured that our team will deliver project completions with precision.

Whatever your real estate investment goals are, it is crucial to work with seasoned professionals in the field. Veteran real estate developers are key players in the real estate industry and come with a wealth of knowledge surrounding the acquisition and development of properties. Our company has carved out a strong and high profile portfolio, making us the right partner for your projects. We have acquired a fortitude of knowledge and expertise in the construction industry and have completed several successful developments alongside fortune 400 companies. We have turned our focus onto residential development because we want to harness our capabilities to create home ownership opportunities for everyone in our communities. Every individual and family deserves to secure a home for themselves and our development process will ensure that you are supported each step of the way. With our aptitude, we are confident that you will secure your real estate investment and begin a well-earned journey of building generational wealth.