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Supreme Residences for a Modern Lifestyle





Over 15 years of experience, in Canada and around the GTA, Ninetails has built an enviable reputation based on one simple premise: The deeper needs of our customers inspire everything that we do.

Ninetails Development


Care for the craft

We place a great deal of significance on the needs of our community. Our design process incorporates an empathetic lens wherein we approach potential blueprints with multiple viewpoints. For families with children, we envision where our children would hang their backpacks, where they would sit around the dinner table to recollect their daily experiences, and where they would retreat to at night as we tuck them into their beds for a restful sleep. Many of us are parents ourselves and utilize our own familial experiences to produce designs of both endurance and comfort. For families on the go, we consider how we can create layouts that allow for ease of movement and high accessibility throughout. It is a hallmark of our practice to picture ourselves in each home through different lenses, and every space in the home is crafted with the utmost thoughtfulness.

Our mindfulness extends beyond aligning designs with community needs; as we create longstanding builds, we further commit to utilizing materials that are safe, enduring, and still maintain exquisiteness in their aesthetics. Sustainability is also incorporated in many areas of our work to improve efficiency while being respectful of the natural resources around us. Our craft is fueled by compassion.





“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

Supreme Residences for a Modern Lifestyle


Care for our team

The Nine tails team is a close-knit one that has been formed by an intersection of shared values and passions by motivated people. Our drive to create impactful change for our community is inherent in every aspect of our work, from consultations to design and implementation. With specialists in every critical area needed for successful builds, we ensure that every component of our projects is well tended to. Additionally, we’ve spent a great deal of time and energy towards creating trust and loyalty within our team; there is no doubt in our minds that every one of us will deliver high quality projects supported by years of expert knowledge in the trade. Our team works seamlessly to provide the most optimal developments for you.

We are privileged to be able to provide services in a way that will not only elevate families to become homeowners of beautiful builds, but will successively create developments that merge beautifully with existing communities. The aspirations of our team go beyond simply producing functional structures and each of our members is dedicated deeply to the craft. We are not here to merely complete deliverables – we are here to create legacies.




Garrison heights

Ninetails is featuring Garrison heights, located in the beautiful Niagara region of Fort Erie. A supreme residences for a modern lifestyle.


The experience

We aspire to design homes with you in mind. As such, we create homes that not only present a luxurious aesthetic but double down in their ability to provide durability, functionality and comfortability. Our homes are designed to carry you forward with steadfast loyalty throughout your individual journeys, whatever they may be. The spaces are optimized for usage by both individuals and families, across all walks of life. For those whose intent is to have a space to retreat after the hustle of daily adventures, our homes offer a most refined place of refuge. For families of a more high-paced dynamic, with children and pets in the mix, rest assured that our homes are unmatched in safety and strength.

As you enter your home, take a moment to anchor yourself and feel the potential of the space around you. We have created the foundation, but it is you who will bring life into the space between these walls. As you and your family grow, so, too, will your home grow alongside you. Celebrate this as the starting point in your journey as a homebuyer and give yourself the permission to experience the magnificence of the dreams that connect you with your home. Your dreams are windows into the future, and we are here to help you secure that future.