About us

We have a tale to tell

Ninetails has been committed to building better communities for the cities they choose to invest in, and providing better life experiences for the families who decide to make Ninetails their home.

Proud of our History

At Nine Tails, we are committed to providing for and empowering communities, and our extensive portfolio relays our passion for converting spaces and ideas into masterfully designed realities. Approaching nearly a decade of commercial and residential developments, we have rapidly transitioned into key players in the industry. While we began our journey in the arena of commercial construction and produced numerous successful builds as we worked in collaboration with several fortune 400 companies, our vision has since shifted to the residential space.

The real estate market in particular has experienced extreme volatilities over the past few years, largely due to the economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic. The possibility of home ownership has suffered at the crux of these impacts, and many Canadians have since found themselves disheartened as the promise of owning a home appears distant, if attainable at all.

Community has always remained at the forefront of our practice, and the current circumstances have served as an important reminder that we must serve our community with the same tenacity and loyalty they have shown in the face of adversity. As we re-position ourselves into the residential sphere, we build with purpose so that Canadians can reclaim their right to home ownership and grow their families in the most
beautiful of homes.