Beauty of Fort Erie, Ontario

The town of Fort Erie boasts both community and charm. Sitting along the Niagara river, it encompasses a wide array of beautiful scenic points, from lush, green conservation areas to illustrious beaches. Spacious parks and trails are embedded throughout the town, offering many opportunities for both leisurely walks and more active hiking pursuits. Situated on the beautiful body of Lake Erie, Fort Erie is home to Erie Beach, Crystal Beach and Bay Beach, all of which are renowned for their picturesque shores and sparkling waters. While they remain hidden gems of the Niagara region, these beaches are also destination points for those seeking a relaxing weekend getaway throughout the summer season. The conjoint layout of both the lake and river further endorse the tremendous watercraft capabilities of the town. It serves as home to many beautiful yachts, sailboats, powerboats and more on its marina.

The historical significance of Fort Erie is deeply valued, not only within the town but nationally across all of Canada. The city’s museums are akin to treasure troves filled with beautifully preserved artifacts and immaculately curated exhibits, all of which capture the heart of Fort Erie. Taught dutifully in every history textbook that hails from Canadian soil, Old Fort Erie is a National Historic Site, serving both Canadian and British troops on the battlefield in the War of 1812. Succeeding this period in the mid 1800s, Fort Erie further served as a major crossing point into Canada for those seeking asylum through the Underground Railroad. Without an inkling of a doubt, this city is monumental in the history that belongs to Canada and will remain at the heart of its heritage. Those who reside on these lands can attest to the deep sense of comradery and pride that underlies the community.

Fort Erie is connected with a well developed infrastructure of highways that allow for easy road access to all sites within and outside of the city. Public transit allows for residents and visitors to access sites via buses. The Niagara Falls transit also operates between Fort Erie and Niagara Falls, offering easy access to the Falls for those wishing to visit. Intercity transit is also available by means of private coach services, making trips to both St.Catharines and Toronto an easy feat.

While enjoying the spaciousness and untouched natural landscapes afforded by a humble population size, the town of Fort Erie has become a hotspot for residential and commercial development over the past few years. The community continues to be strengthened with the new developments that are incorporated into the town, as luxury and accessibility meet history. In the foreseeable future, residents will continue to revel in the natural oasis of the surrounding countryside while experiencing brand new, regally designed homes by Nine Tails that will last for generations to come.